Rise Above Friday Night Live Stream #19 BILL GATES “The Fake Meat & Vegan Industry Exposed” ft Inner Guardians, Majix and Spoken Word Nerd

In this weeks show we went deep into the world of William Gates III aka BILL GATES, his network that covers everything from the soil to the food that goes into your mouth to the re cycle of the waste.

every element covered and finishing on the results of this synthetic energy for your soul.

With the ENTIRE rise above panel in attendance and the incredible new edition of INNER GUARDIANS to the panel this week is one hell of a ride… #RISEABOVE

Rise Above: Friday Night Live Stream #14 Ft The Really Woke Show + Rebecca Ess

This weeks show went off with a bang, the largest amount of contributors seen on rise above this weeks show was a treat, with guests Roxanne and Jim from THE REALLY WOKE SHOW giving us the low down of antics in their world. Rise Above viewer Rebecca Ess comes live on stream to give us her slideshow on ancient technology and Nasca in Peru.

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[RISEABOVE.NEWS EXCLUSIVE] Biden Impeachment? Anti Trump Moves Over The Peoples Interest?

Following what was a never ending barrage of information in the final stages of the Trump Presidency the beginning of the Biden Presidency is set to be just as action packed.

With a spate of reversals and executive orders President Joe Biden immediately set to work to undo Trumps work, Scrapping the Keystone XL pipeline destroying thousands of jobs, causing friction with Canada and creating nearly 48,000 tonnes of scrap steel. Freezing Trumps Big Pharma actions causing an imminent rise in medical costs for Insulin and Epinephrine and even tossing out the 1776 commission 2 days after its first report.

Strong movements across America with pro trump stances, including the “TEXIT” movement, newly elected President Biden defiantly has a battle coming over the next few months, The first of these coming in the form of possible impeachment. Congresswomen Marjorie Taylor Greene has done something many politicians tend not to do and has followed up on her word. This week she filed papers to impeach President Joe Biden. citing Burisma, Russiagate, The Ukraine scandal, China, Hunter Biden’s Business dealings and The Biden family wealth increase during Biden’s time in office. If this comes to anything or not its going to be an interesting start to the 46th POTUS Reign.

SOURCE – greene.house.gov

With Former President Trump’s Impeachment having a fixed date we look to what this means, If they charge trump with something during this impeachment process it will stop Trump from running again in the next election which would leave a void for the GOP candidates in 2024, With obvious options being Mike Pompeo, Ted Cruz (Texas), Josh Hawley (Missouri), Ron Disantis (Florida) or even Ivanka Trump it looks as if the MAGA movement wont be going away any time soon.

Ivanka Trump - Wikipedia

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[RISEABOVE.NEWS EXCLUSIVE] Are You Ready For The Most Popular President In History To Have The Most Militarised Inauguration In History With No One There??

Wednesday the 20th of January 2021, A day that will go down in history but for what reason? A huge climax of Conspiracy, Court cases, All out Media Apocalypse and a year like nothing seen in history.

After what some might think the most controversial U.S. Election in history we find ourselves standing at the edge of the precipice, The final curtain the last call for the trump administration and the day 45 hundred years of career come to a height for president elect Joe Biden.

There is the unprecedented twist to this story as Washington is set to have a never before witnessed military force with the entire inauguration being held behind apocalyptic militarised barricades and fencing. for a man who has the highest vote count for any president in history this shows a dire setting of the scene for his presidency.

Officials have commented as to there being no possible threat to the capitol but the military will stay in attendance. bunks have started to be shipped in but a large amount of national guardsman have been sleeping in the halls of the congress building itself.

The Legal proceedings surrounding the election fraud continues in states such as Arizona despite the new president being set to take office today leaving many questions unanswered and a growing movement for the “TEXIT” procedure to begin.

2021 will be a rocky road for American politics with January’s action packed entry to the year just being the start, Were expecting a non stop ride for the first year of the Biden Harris Presidency.

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And in the words of soon to be President Joe Biden heres to 2021

“No man has the right to raise a hand to a woman in anger, and so we just have to change the culture, period, And keep punching at it, and punching at it, and punching at it.”

Author RISEABOVE.NEWS Tuesday 20th January 2021