Senior Anti-Marjorie Greene Republican Staffer Arrested for Running Pedophile Ring

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, 27 year-old Ruben Verastigui, of Northeast, DC, was arrested on Friday and charged with Distribution of Child Pornography, which included sickening videos of babies being raped.

Per their statement:

Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Youth and Family Services Division, Internet Crimes Against Children Unit, the Northern Virginia Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, and Homeland Security Investigations announce an arrest has been made in a Distribution of Child Pornography offense that occurred in Washington, DC. 

Between March 2020 and February 2021, an investigation revealed the suspect distributed, received and possessed images of child pornography. 

On Friday, February 5, 2021, 27 year-old Ruben Verastigui, of Northeast, DC, was arrested and charged with Distribution of Child Pornography.

Ruben A. Verastigui, is currently Communications Manager at Citizens For Responsible Energy Solutions Former Senior Digital Strategist for Senate Republicans and RNC.


Texas Man Convicted for Running Website Detailing Child Sex Abuse Since 1996

On Thursday, Thomas Alan Arthur, a 64-year-old Texas man, was convicted by a federal jury for trafficking stories and images of child sex abuse on a website he had run since 1996.

Thomas Alan Arthur child sex abuse arrest

Trial evidence showed that Arthur had run a website called Mr. Double since 1996 and began charging people to access the site two years later. The site contained numerous stories about and drawings of children, infants and toddlers being raped, tortured and murdered. Arthur allegedly approved each story before it was posted and used the website as his sole source of income for 20 years.

Arthur had the website hosted on a server in the Netherlands. Dutch authorities notified U.S. authorities with additional evidence used to convict Arthur in his three-day trial. He was apprehended from his home in Terlingua, Texas near Big Bend National Park at the state’s south-central border.

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FBI Pittsburgh Says Uptick In Human Trafficking Cases Is ‘Happening Right Under Our Noses’

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – As children log on to the computer each morning for virtual learning, they’re also entering a world filled with the preying eyes of perpetrators.

FBI special agents say as of November 2020, there were more than 1,800 pending human trafficking investigations nationwide, and that has increased significantly over the last few years. The FBI tells KDKA that would be due to an increase in crimes or an increase of awareness about the issue. About 90 percent of the FBI’s trafficking cases involve sex trafficking and 10 percent involve labor trafficking.

In the fiscal year of 2020, the FBI initiated 664 human trafficking investigations nationwide, arresting 473 traffickers. The FBI tells KDKA it takes a victim-center approach to each case, in part because of the cooperation from the victim is vital to successful prosecutions.

24-year-old Karleigh Maide is what the FBI calls a “success story.” She’s an example of how a tough home life can easily melt into a scary situation.

“For me, it sometimes was better because I felt like I had a choice. I grew up with a lot of sexual abuse from when I was in diapers all the way up to 14 years old,” said Karleigh.

So when her now-convicted trafficker offered her a place to stay and emotional security, the crime came camouflaged as a choice.

“In those situations, I didn’t feel in control. I didn’t have the choice to say ‘yes, I want to involve myself in sexual interactions,’ so I kind of took that choice over my own body.”

Prince Andrew’s team ‘asked ex-model for help discrediting Virginia Roberts’

Aides to Prince Andrew and his wife Sarah Ferguson contacted an online troll and asked her to help them discredit the Duke of York’s alleged sex victim.  The Mail on Sunday revealed that aides emailed Molly Skye Brown – a former model who has trolled Ms Roberts on Twitter for months – and asked to set up ‘a quick chat’.  They hoped Ms Brown, 42, had information that would help Prince Andrew prove a photograph, of himself with his arm around then-17-year-old Ms Roberts, was doctored.  Ms Brown said she helped the team with ‘some evidence’ and then handed over the texts and emails to the FBI.  Ms Roberts claims paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell forced her to have sex with Andrew three times and maintains that the photograph was taken in 2001 on one of those occasions. The Duke, 60, has consistently denied the allegations and any other accusations of wrongdoing.  On December 14 Mrs Ferguson’s assistant Antonia Marshall emailed Ms Brown and said:  ‘Hi Molly, I work for the Duchess of York and I wondered if you had time at some point for a quick chat re your tweet about the photo of the Duke being edited/doctored. Thank you so much for your online support!’

Prince Andrew with his arm around Virginia Roberts with Ghislaine Maxwell in the background. Prince Andrew's aides reached out to Molly Skye Brown and asked her to help them discredit Virginia Roberts.

PizzaGate Debunked “Again”

What the hell is Pizzagate?

It all started in early November 2016, when Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s email was hacked and the messages were published by Wikileaks. One of the emails, according to The New York Times, was between Podesta and James Alefantis, the owner of D.C. pizzeria Comet Ping Pong. The message discussed Alefantis hosting a possible fundraiser for Clinton.

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Users of the website 4Chan began speculating about the links between Comet Ping Pong and the Democratic Party, according to the BBC, with one particularly vile connection burbling to the surface: the pizzeria is the headquarters of a child trafficking ring led by Clinton and Podesta.